World Cup TV Schedule

The 2014 World Cup kicks off on Thursday, June 12 with host Brazil facing Croatia and concludes on Sunday, July 13 with the final at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janiero.  In between these games there are 62 matches and all of them are available on TV in the U.S. and they have great kick-off times for the U.S. market.

The game times for matches in Brazil are 12:00pm EST, 3:00pm EST, 4:00pm EST & 6:00pm EST. There is one match, Ivory Coast v Japan, that is at 9:00pm EST on Saturday, June 14.

TV coverage begins 30 minutes before kick off time. All times on this website are EST (Eastern Standard Time).

All matches will be shown live at Timberwood Grill on 7 large screen TV’s including 2 outdoor TV’s and a new 75″ LED TV in the main bar !

Date Match Fixture Kick Off Time (EST) TV
June 12 1/A Brazil v Croatia 4:00pm ESPN
June 13 2/A Mexico v Cameroon 12:00pm ESPN2
June 13 3/B Spain v Netherlands 3:00pm ESPN
June 13 4/B Chile v Australia 6:00pm ESPN2
June 14 5/C Colombia v Greece 12:00pm ABC
June 14 7/D Uruguay v Costa Rica 3:00pm ABC
June 14 8/D England v Italy 6:00pm ESPN
June 14 6/C Ivory Coast v Japan 9:00pm ESPN
June 15 9/E Switzerland v Ecuador 12:00pm ABC
June 15 10/E France v Honduras 3:00pm ABC
June 15 11/F Argentina v Bosnia 6:00pm ESPN
June 16 13/G Germany v Portugal 12:00pm ESPN
June 16 12/F Iran v Nigeria 3:00pm ESPN
June 16 14/G Ghana v USA 6:00pm ESPN
June 17 15/H Belgium v Algeria 12:00pm ESPN
June 17 17/A Brazil v Mexico 3:00pm ESPN
June 17 16/H Russia v South Korea 6:00pm ESPN
June 18 20/B Australia v Netherlands 12:00pm ESPN
June 18 19/B Spain v Chile 3:00pm ESPN
June 18 18/A Cameroon v Croatia 6:00pm ESPN
June 19 21/C Colombia v Ivory Coast 12:00pm ESPN
June 19 23/D Uruguay v England 3:00pm ESPN
June 19 22/C Japan v Greece 6:00pm ESPN
June 20 24/D Italy v Costa Rica 12:00pm ESPN
June 20 25/E Switzerland v France 3:00pm ESPN
June 20 26/E Honduras v Ecuador 6:00pm ESPN
June 21 27/F Argentina v Iran 12:00pm ESPN
June 21 29/G Germany v Ghana 3:00pm ESPN
June 21 28/F Nigeria v Bosnia 6:00pm ESPN
June 22 31/H Belgium v Russia 12:00pm ABC
June 22 32/H South Korea v Algeria 3:00pm ABC
June 22 30/G USA v Portugal 6:00pm ESPN
June 23 36/B Netherlands v Chile 12:00pm ESPN
June 23 35/B Australia v Spain 12:00pm ESPN2
June 23 34/A Croatia v Mexico 4:00pm ESPN
June 23 33/A Cameroon v Brazil 4:00pm ESPN2
June 24 39/D Italy v Uruguay 12:00pm ESPN
June 24 40/D Costa Rica v England 12:00pm ESPN2
June 24 37/C Japan v Colombia 4:00pm ESPN
June 24 38/C Greece v Ivory Coast 4:00pm ESPN2
June 25 43/F Nigeria v Argentina 12:00pm ESPN
June 25 44/F Bosnia v Iran 12:00pm ESPN2
June 25 42/E Ecuador v France 4:00pm ESPN
June 25 41/E Honduras v Switzerland 4:00pm ESPN2
June 26 45/G USA v Germany 12:00pm ESPN
June 26 46/G Portugal v Ghana 12:00pm ESPN2
June 26 47/H South Korea v Belgium 4:00pm ESPN
June 26 48/h Algeria v Russia 4:00pm ESPN2
Round of 16
June 28 49 Brazil v Chile 12:00pm ABC
June 28 50 Colombia v Uruguay 4:00pm ABC
June 29 51 Netherlands v Mexico 12:00pm ESPN
June 29 52 Costa Rica v Greece 4:00pm ESPN
June 30 53 France v Nigeria 12:00pm ESPN
June 30 54 Germany v Algeria 4:00pm ESPN
July 1 55 Argentina v Switzerland 12:00pm ESPN
July 1 56 Belgium v USA 4:00pm ESPN
July 4 58 Winners 53 vs 54 12:00pm ESPN2
July 4 57 Winners 49 v 50 4:00pm ESPN
July 5 60 Winners 55 v 56 12:00pm ABC
July 5 59 Winners 51 v 52 4:00pm ESPN
July 8 61 Winner 57 v 58 4:00pm ESPN
July 9 62 Winner 59 v 60 4:00pm ESPN
Third Place Match
July 12 63 Losers 61 v 62 4:00pm ESPN
July 13 64 Winners 61 v 62 3:00pm ABC
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